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Preventative Maintenance
At REMI, we are not interested in simply selling the equipment and forgetting about it. Not only do we provide emergency repairs, and maintain an exceptionally large inventory of parts in our shop in Mississauga, but we also offer preventative maintenance programs on all of the machines that we sell. These programs ensure that your investment operates at its optimal levels throughout its life, and minimise down times due to unexpected failures. Performed annually on site, this service generally includes everything from general lubrication, gear oil changes, hydraulic system service and overall recalibration to factory tolerances. Performed by our factory trained service technicians, this service is designed to be relatively low cost, but exceptionally thorough.

Parts Inventory
At our facility in Mississauga, we maintain a large inventory of spare parts for our machines going all the way back to 1968 (where the parts are still available). In fact, our inventory of REMI-EISELE cold saw parts is so large, that at any given time we can build a complete machine of each type out of it. That’s everything from internal gearbox components, to electrical components, to main castings such as the base plate or turn-table. All of this is done for one simple reason: To keep you’re down time to an absolute minimum.

In today’s market, we understand just how critical it is to meet your production deadlines. We also understand that when your saw is down, your shop is down.

That’s why we have the 24 hour policy. If your REMI-EISELE cold saw goes down due to a gear box failure, or a burnt out motor or whatever, we will try our best to have it running within 24 hours of beginning work on it.


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