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Single Spindle Copy Router

The AS 170 is a manual, single speed copy router that despite its small size offers a very large routing capacity. It is standard equipped for 1:1 routing ratio and has a pneumatically operated 2 step copy finger for quick change over of tools of different diameters. The patented suspension system utilised in the AS 170 ensures precise, easy movements allowing for quick routing with minimal effort. The table height is adjustable to allow for exceptionally high profiles up to 400mm (600mm upon demand). The “spindle lock” tool change system allows for quick changes. The machine comes standard with a pulse spray mist coolant system.

Optional Accessories:

  • Copying templates
  • Material support stands
  • Material stops
  • Copy fingers
  • Blank copy templates


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Horizontal routing capacity between stops: 300mm x 120mm
Horizontal routing capacity with template: 290mm x 110mm
Spindle Speed: 12000 RPM
Clamping capacity: 150mm x 130mm up to 400mm (adjustable)
Stroke: 105mm

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