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SBZ 150
Profile Machining Centre

The SBZ 150 is a 5 axis aluminium profile machining centre. Machining processes may be carried out from all 6 sides of the profile (including the bottom) without rotation, or moving the work piece using the optional angle head. The travelling tool changer minimises cycle time, and may be equipped with 8 standard tools, and 3 special tool (angle heads, saw blade, special cutters, etc). Direct drive, and robust construction of all axis ensures rapid and precise positioning every time. The machine may be equipped with automatic clamp positioning and clamp recognition, and is available in x-axis lengths of 6m, 7.3m, 9m, 10.3m, and 12m (longer on request).

Optional Accessories:
➢ Angle router head for processing the bottom of the profile
➢ Automatic length measuring
➢ Chip removal conveyor belt
➢ Barcode scanner
➢ Angle heads

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X-axis travel: 7300mm, 9000mm, 10300mm, 12000mm (longer on request)
Y-axis travel: 1000mm
Z-axis travel: 650mm
Pivoting Angles A-axis: 0-90 degrees, freely programmable in 1/10 degree steps
Pivoting Angles C-axis: 0-345 degrees, freely programmable in 1/10 degree steps
Spindle Speed: 22,000RPM max
Tool Changer: 8 standard tools, plus 2 special tools and one saw blade

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