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PSU 450 M
Automatic Mitre Cutting Cold Saw

This fully automatic cold saw, combines the rigidity and performance of the entire PSU series, with the precision of a servo driven, ball screw material feed unit. Together with its controlled mitre axis this machine has proven itself as an extremely versatile saw for both custom fabrication, as well as large volume production.

The newly developed controls of the saw provide very simple and quick set ups. Recurring saw orders/jobs, cut off lengths, quantities, as well as mitre settings can easily be programmed. With this control, even single cuts are completed just as easily as they would be done on a semi-automatic saw.

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square5.51" x 5.51"
rectangle 8.66” x 2.76”

Feed Rates: Variable
Blade Size: 17.72 (450mm)
Blade Speed: 6/ 12/ 24/ 48rpm

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