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MGS 105
Compound Mitre Saw

This versatile machine allows pivoted mitre cuts to the left and right up to 22.5 degrees (set manually), and tilting cuts (vertical tilt) from 90 to 45 degrees(set pneumatically). The safe, and easy loading and unloading of material into the machine is guaranteed by housing the blade below the machine table, and feeding up through it during the cut. The patented saw arm suspension in this machine ensures cutting pressure is directed back towards the back fence, thereby providing a safe cut. Featuring two hand safety controls, and an inter-locked machine hood that opens and closes automatically with the cycle of the machine completely enclosing the sawing process, safety is ensured.

Operating with a 420mm (16.5”) saw blade this saw offers a cutting range large enough to suit most small to medium sized profiles. Mitre angles are displayed using the E111 digital display. The saw feed is pneumatic, and feed rates are infinitely variable through a manually operated flow control valve. The standard pulse spray mist unit ensures optimal blade life is ensured, while reducing to a minimum the amount of cutting oil consumed, and as such the amount of oil left on the work-piece.


  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Chip Extraction System
  • Length Measuring Sytems
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