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SBZ 140
Profile Machining Centre

The SBZ 140 is a 4 axis aluminium profile machining centre. Machining can be carried out from the top, front, back and ends of the profile, further to that the axis controlled milling head is able to process the profile at any angle between 0 and 180 degrees with any tool in the magazine. Much like the SBZ 130, the tool magazine travels along with the machining head allowing for rapid tool changes, thereby minimising the cycle time of the machine. By operating the machine with 2 separate work zones, output can be maximized by minimising the stationary time of the machine. Double profile clamping in each of the work zones is also available, thus allowing 4 pieces of extrusion to be loaded into the machine at once (2 in each work zone).

Optional Accessories:
➢ Automatic length measuring
➢ Double profile clamping system
➢ Barcode Scanner
➢ Stationary (auxiliary) tool changer
➢ Angle heads
➢ Chip removal conveyor



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X-axis travel: 6700mm, 7900mm, or 10000mm(longer versions on demand)
Y-axis travel: 850mm
Z-axis travel: 650mm
Pivoting angles: 0-180 degrees, freely programmable in 1/10degree steps
Spindle Speed: 21,000RPM
Tool Changer: 8 positions standard, more tool holders on request

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