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PSU 450 A
The Modular, High Performance CNC Cold Sawing Centre

This sawing centre offers the most versatility in terms of available options. Combined with a loading magazine, and part sorting on the out-feed side of the saw, this machine is capable of almost any sawing program. With the standard machine, it is possible to cut multiple lengths, at differing mitre angles, all from the same bar (bar optimization).

The standard machine features 3 servo-controlled axes. The material in-feed, the mitre angle, as well as the positioning of off cut piece. The material to be cut is held by the out-put gripper unit, which, once the cut is finished, places the cut piece at a pre-defined location(s). With the addition of a tilting roller table it is then possible to cut multiple parts from the same bar and sort them into separate parts bins.

With software specifically developed for this application, simple, logical programming is guaranteed.

  • During the production cycle, the operator is free to program in the next job to be worked.
  • Repeat jobs are easily stored in a data base.
  • Flexible order programming with manual, or automatic bar optimization.
  • Automatic calculation of sawing parameters
  • Integrated tool administration for varying sawing tasks.
  • Easy to service and user-friendly thanks to error diagnosis feature and display of service and maintenance intervals.
  • Options:

  • Chain loading (flat) magazines
  • Bundle loading magazines
  • Tilt able roller table for part sorting
  • Disposal conveyor belt with part sorting stations
  • Hinge chain roller conveyors
  • Click image to enlarge

    square5.51" x 5.51"
    rectangle 9.45" x 2.76"

    Feed Rates: Variable
    Blade Size: 17.72 (450mm)
    Blade Speed: 6/ 12/ 24/ 48rpm

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