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AS 70
Single Spindle Copy Router

The As 70 is a manual, single spindle copy router. The copy ratio of 1:1 allows for exceptionally easy transfer of the routing pattern from the template to the profile being worked. It also ensures that templates are easy for you to produce. The machine is also standard equipped for routing between stops (rectangles only). The manually set, triple step copy finger guarantees easy change over from one cutter diameter to another.

Optional Accessories:

  • Copying templates
  • Material support stands
  • Material stops
  • Speed selection switch from 12000RPM to 6000RPM
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Horizontal routing capacity between stops: 240mm x 90mm
Horizontal routing capacity with template: 240mm x 90mm
Spindle Speed: 12000 RPM
Clamping capacity: 180mm x 150mm
Stroke: 110mm

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