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SBZ 130
Profile Machining Centre

The SBZ 130 is a 3 axis aluminium profile machining centre. Machining processes may be carried out on the top, front, back and both ends of the profile. Cycle times are kept to a minimum with the help of the turret style tool changer that travels with the machining head. This allows multiple processes, with different tools to be carried out in the same areas without the head travelling to either end of the machine for tool changes. Two separate working zones allow the operator to remove the finished part and load in a new one while machining is being done on a second part in the other clamp fixture. The generous 11,500mm travel on the x-axis ensures that even long parts can be machined in one clamping, thereby protecting the surface finish of the profile.

Optional Accessories:
➢ Automatic length measuring
➢ Automatic clamp positioning
➢ Swarf/chip removal conveyor
➢ Angle routing heads
➢ High speed spindles


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X-axis travel: 4200mm, 7200mm, 8500mm, 10200mm or 11500mm (Longer on demand)
Y-axis travel: 480mm
Z-axis travel: 325mm
Spindle Speed: 6,000RPM or 15,000RPM with the optional high-speed spindle
Tools: 8 position turret style tool changer

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