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PSU 450 GS
Production Pipe Sawing Machine For Cutting Tubes After Bending

This machine has been specially designed for efficient sawing of bent tubes, for industries such as exhaust pipe manufacturing. The base plate of the machine is designed to easily mount special pipe fixtures easily and quickly with standardized mounting points. The long stroke, hydraulic clamping cylinder (160mm) ensures quick part switches, and an open safe working area. The machine is equipped with two hand operating controls, combined with the fact that the sawblade is completely submerged beneath the fixture/machine table during parts changes ensures that the machine meets all of the EC guidelines for accident prevention and other safety standards.

More information is available based on your specific application needs.

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Feed Rates: Variable
Blade Size: 17.72 (450mm)
Blade Speed: 6/ 12/ 24/ 48 rpm

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