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DG 104

Operating with 420mm (16.5”) diameter sawblades, combined with the universal mitring and tilting of both saw blades, this machine has the ability to cut both wide, and tall profiles, as well as all kinds of compound cuts. Cutting of point-to-point dimensions of all variants ensures there are no complicated length calculations required to operate the machine. This provides extremely large timesavings, and therefore cost savings in the process. Length setting is achieved with a manual hand wheel and the E111 digital readout. Mitre angles are set manually, and are read off of a scale, same as the MGS 104.

With the addition of the E355, or the E550 controller, length and angle settings can be made automatically, and specific jobs may be stored for repeat production. With this controller it is also possible to add a label printer to identify specific parts as they are produced.

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