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SA 73

Featuring the same basic sawing unit as the MGS 72 and 73, this fully automatic machine is an ideal solution for applications requiring medium, to large sized production runs of 90 degree cuts. While this is the entry point for automatic saws in the Elumatec line, it is by no means of light construction. The standard machine is constructed using robust castings for the machine table, back fences and the sawing head itself, with the motor exceptionally strong motor integrated right into it. These features ensure absolute minimal vibration through the cut allowing for high quality surface finishes for many years to come.

  • Metal mesh safety hood with electrical interlock
  • Infinitely variable feed rates
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Pneumatic material clamps
  • Pulse spray mist system
  • 380mm (15”) diameter saw blade
  • Single stage lifting device for the material feed
  • Automatic shut off at the end of the material, or after the desired number of cuts has been reached.
  • Cutting tolerances of +/- 0.004”
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circle4.75" (120mm)
square4.75" x 4.75" (120mm x 120mm)
rectangle 4.75" x 6.25" (120mm x 160mm)

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