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VMS 400H

This versatile, and heavy-duty cold saw operates with a standard 400mm diameter saw blade and provides a very generous working capacity for heavy structural, and solid materials. Standard blade RPM is 17/34 which provides suitable surface speeds for sawing of most common materials including tough stainless steel. Further to that, an optional 4-speed gearbox will provide RPM of 8/16/32/64, which will allow for efficient sawing of all materials from exceptionally hard stainless alloys to aluminium or copper.

Since this machine is designed specifically for working heavy, tough stock, the standard version of the machine is fully hydraulic including material clamping and the saw head feed. Feed rates are infinitely variable via a lockable flow control valve mounted on the operator control panel. Clamping pressure may also be independently adjusted to suit the material being worked.

Integrated into the heavy-duty welded steel plate machine base are separate chip drawers and coolant tanks (re-circulating flood type system). Safety is guaranteed by a full machine hood (with electrical interlock) that covers the entire sawing area during operation.

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The Remi Advantage

In cold sawing it’s the name of the game. If it’s vibrating, your cut, your blade, your machine, and your operator will suffer. Only a REMI-EISELE, and their uniquely rigid design can ensure maximum productivity for your application.

The gearboxes of the VMS machines are exceptionally rigid. The sawblade spindle, the intermediate shaft, as well as the worm gear are all hardened and ground to ensure exceptionally long life. Combined with the patented “Eisele Torque Equalizer” these gearboxes will provide the smoothest, fastest cut, for the longest time.

  Rigidity   The Remi Advantage


The machine base plate, turntable and vertical tower are all exceptionally heavy castings, designed to reduce vibration. The steel base of the VMS series is fabricated with thicker than normal steel plate, to help reduce vibration throughout the machine. Integrated into this base are separate coolant and chip tanks.

  The Remi Advantage


Since its introduction in 1957, the VMS series of high performance cold saws has established itself as the benchmark, behind which all other cold saws are measured. This fact is clearly evidenced in that worldwide, there are well over 250,000 of these machines in
permanent use.

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