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SBZ 122
Profile Machining Centre

The SBZ is a 3 axis aluminium profile machining centre. Machining processes may be carried out on the top, front, back and ends of the profile with the use of the optional angle head without rotating the work piece. The machine is standard equipped with an automatic tool changer with 5 tool holders (4 standard tool, plus one angle head). Additional tool holders/larger tool magazines are available.

Optional Accessories:

  • Automatic length measuring of the profile
  • Clamping device for 2 separate work stations
  • Routing Spindle cooling device
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X-axis travel: 3,850mm
Y-axis travel: 350mm
Z-axis travel: 280mm
Spindle Speed: 21,000RPM

Processing Lengths
Maximum processing length with machining on the ends of the profile: 3,650mm
Maximum processing length without machining on the ends of the profile: 3,750mm

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